2012 NFL Mock Draft

FINAL | Full 1 Round 2012 NFL Mock Draft

Final Mock of the season coming April 25th!

Updated 4/26/2012

1. Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck QB, Stanford

Pick is already in. Look forward to the new Colts regime.
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2. Washington Redskins (from St. Louis)

Robert Griffin III QB, Baylor

Ditto with the number 2 pick. One thing is for sure RBIII will make it very exciting to watch the Skins in the coming year.
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3. Minnesota Vikings

Matt Kalil OT, USC

This is where it gets interesting. The Vikings have sent out mixed signals but Kalil needs to be the pick if they want to see what Ponder has to offer.
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4. Cleveland Browns

Trent Richardson RB, Alabama

I can’t see anyway that Richardson gets past Cleveland at pick 4. I’m sick of hearing people say that teams should wait for a mid round running back. If a player like Richardson falls in your lap you need to pounce on him.
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5. Tampa Bay Bucs

Morris Claiborne CB, LSU

Tampa has invested heavily on the defensive line the past few years. Look for them to add youth to their secondary with a playmaker who can play day 1.
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6. St. Louis (from Washington)

Justin Blackmon WR, Oklahoma St.

I think the Rams have covetted Blackmon since day 1. Giving Bradford valuable weapons will be a a must if they want him to succeed
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7. Jacksonville Jaguars

Fletcher Cox DT, Mississippi ST.

The Jaguars could go in a number of directions. Cox doesn’t get as much love as he should and will be a very solid defensive lineman in the NFL.
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8. Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill QB, Texas A&M

The Dolphins have downplayed their love for Tannehill but if he is here at pick 8 I can’t see anyway they pass. A need and it helps that Sherman is on the Phins staff.
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9. Carolina Panthers

Michael Floyd WR, Notre Dame

Some feel Floyd is actually the best wide receiver in the draft. With Cam Newton exploding last year it will be important for Carolina to continue to give him weapons to play with.

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10. Buffalo Bills

Mark Barron S, Alabama

Even with an injury ending Barron’s college career early he still is easily the best safety in the class. A leader on the field and has all the tools to be a future pro bowl safety.

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11. Kansas City Chiefs

Dontari Poe DT, Memphis

The Chiefs have a large hole to fill in the middle of their defensive line. Poe is a player who could go anywhere from top 10 to mid 20′s.
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  1. TigerJ :

    When your team is picking tenth in the draft, I suspect you’re not going to be very happy if your team is picking the third best player at his position, unless the talent level is extraordinary at that position, and it isn’t at defensive end. As a Bills fan, I wouldn’t be thrilled with Courtney Upshaw, and it would take an extraordinary pro day performance for him to change my mind.

  2. Jerry :

    Tannehill knocked the socks off the NFL…. do we trade with Miami @8 or Seattle @12 and have them give us Jake Long/ Russel Okung with it? or do we stand pat and draft Khalil?

  3. Jerry :

    I should have added Cleveland is a lock with him @ #4

  4. paul :

    im good with miami keeping the 8th pick and taking coples…he’s gonna be a stud

  5. kitchen tile :

    Many Thanks, I’m very glad to peer your post
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  6. djthedolfan :

    i like coples as well we can just focus on the defense this year and bring the offense along according to philbins liking next year but if they draft tannehill that early im out no more nfl sunday tickect till they get rid of jeff ireland he’s inconsistent besides new regime new way to start seems as though withj the way free agency has moved theyve already focused mostly on defense. they stick with defensive changes or they go straight offense but no quaterback at 8 wait till next year like redkins did

  7. nhdolfan87 :

    Dolphins must wait till next year to draft a QB. Give the whole draft up for Barkley-USC- if they have to. this guy is going to light it up next year. Barkley is the best prospect I’ve seen come out of college since Peyton Manning.

  8. Anonymous :

    y would the browns take 2 rbs in the first 2 rounds

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