NFL Draft Interview | Blair Walsh, Georgia

Walsh could very well be the best kicker in the entire 2012 NFL Draft class. With both an accurate and strong leg, Walsh has been the Bulldogs starting kicker for the past 4 years and will get the chance to do the same in the NFL. DraftSeason: First off, how has the offseason leading to [...]

NFL Draft Interview | Moe Petrus, UConn

Moe Petrus Interview Moe, what are your big plans in the coming months leading up to the NFL Draft? For the months leading up the draft i’ll be out in California working out a velocity facility. Focusing on getting stronger and faster and rehabbing any and all nagging injuries from the season. My weight will [...]

NFL Draft Interview | Darius Fleming, Notre Dame

Darius Fleming Interview Fleming has played a few positions during his time at Notre Dame. Has the ability to lay a big hit on opposing players. Could be seen as a situational pass rushing linebacker in the right system. DraftSeason: What are your plans in the coming months leading up to the NFL Draft? Darius [...]

NFL Draft Interview | Jeff Allen, Illinois

Jeff Allen Interview Allen is a four year starter at the University of Illinois. Was one of the top offensive tackles in the nation this past year. Has had a very good offseason so far impressing at the Senior Bowl. Allen should solidify himself as one of the top 2nd tier offensive tackles in 2012. [...]

NFL Draft Interview | Marvin Jones CAL

At 6’2, 202 lbs. Marvin Jones quietly put up a great career at Cal. Very clean route runner who uses shifty moves to separate himself from opposing defenders. Jones is one of those guys that go in the mid to later rounds and ends up being one of the steals of the draft. DraftSeason: Marvin, [...]

NFL Draft Interview | Jamell Fleming Oklahoma

Jamell Fleming has been a solid corner for the Sooners. Very technically sound corner who can hold his own against some of the top wideouts in the nation. Above average tackler who has good instincts and can make a big play when needed. DraftSeason: Jamell, what are your current plans in the coming months leading [...]

NFL Draft Interview | Chandler Harnish Northern Illinois

Chandler Harnish will go down as the best quarterback to wear a Huskies jersey at Northern Illinois. He is one of the more shiftier quarterbacks in the draft who can make the big play with his arm or legs.  His playmaking ability will grab a GM’s attention and could be the type of player who [...]

NFL Draft Interview | David DeCastro, Stanford

DeCastro is hands down the best interior offensive lineman in the entire 2012 NFL Draft. Has been the anchor on Stanfords offensive line for the past few years. Could see his stock rise to be a sure top 15 pick. DraftSeason: What are your plans in the coming months leading up to the NFL Draft? [...]

NFL Draft Interview | Chase Minnifield, Virginia

Chase Minnifield Interview Chase Minnifield from Virginia is one of the most complete cornerbacks in the 2012 NFL Draft. Good size and above average tackler, should be on the verge of a first round pick. DraftSeason: You recently had your knee scoped, how is it feeling and how long before you get back to 100%? [...]

NFL Draft Interview | Coby Fleener, Stanford

Coby Fleener Interview Coby teamed up with top prospect Andrew Luck to be one of the best quarterback/tight end combos in all of college football. Fleener has slowly made himself one of the best overall pass catching tight ends in the entire 2012 NFL Draft. Not only a leader on the field but also off [...]