NFL Draft Dictionary

DraftSeason breaks down some of the more common terms mumbled on draft day some by experts … and some by the not so expert. If you have a nugget you would like added let us know!

Bust | [buhst]
When a player selected high who is projected to have a very successful NFL career never lives up to expectations.
Used in a sentence: Ryan Leaf will go down as one of the biggest busts in NFL history.

On The Clock | [on thuh klok]
The time period in which a team is currently up to make a selection.
Used in a sentence: The Miami Dolphins are on the clock.

Reach | [reech]
When a team takes the risk on drafting  a player that is not worthy of where he was selected.
Used in a sentence: Oh gross, the Raiders just took Heyward-Bey in round one, what a reach that was.

Bizzle’d | [Bizld]
When a member of the draft party reaches the point of no return due to a large quanity of yum yum juice ie. Root Beer Barrels.
Used in a sentence: Wow, it appears Eric has been enjoying the draft quite a bit along with his rootbeer barrels. I think it’s safe to say he is officially bizzle’d.

Sleeper|  [slee-per]
A player who doesn’t get enough love as he should. Usually a player on a small school or on a big name team overshadowed by more household names.
Used in a sentence: Kevin Boss was one of the biggest sleepers of the 2007 NFL Draft.

Steal |  [steel]
When a team drafts a player that turns out to be worth a much higher pick than originally selected at.
Used in a sentence: Tom Brady is one of the biggest steals in NFL Draft history.

Run | [run]
When a certain position gets drafted many times in a row. 2. a streak in the middle of your underpants found on the morning after the Draft.
Used in a sentence:  The 2008 NFL Draft had a run on offensive tackles.

Overdrafted | [o-vur-draf-tid]
When a player’s position causes him to be drafted higher than his talent and/or evaluation may warrant.
Used in a sentence: Due to the lack of quality signal callers in the NFL, quarterbacks are often overdrafted.

Jaworski | [juh-wor-skee]
A sudden unexpected outburst in midsentence usually occuring mid to late portions on day 3 of the NFL Draft, and uttered by former NFL Quarterback Ron Jaworksi.
Used in a sentence: Round 7 is usually boring to watch, I hope we get a few Jaworskis to help liven it up.

Slam Dance | [slam dans]
The art of grabbing the closest beer in your reach and drinking it until it is completely finished. A wiggle or shake of the buttox usually occurs during this event.
Used in a sentence:  NOOOOOOOOO!!!! My favorite team just made a horrible, horrible pick. It is slam dance time!

S.O.D. | [ess-o-dee]
Abbreviation meaning Steal of Draft.
Used in a sentence:  After being taken in round 4 of the Draft, RB Onterrio Smith declared himself to be the S.O.D.

Fall | [fahl]
When a player is drafted or is still on the board lower than projected by draft experts.
Used in a sentence:  Many were surprised to see Texas QB Colt McCoy fall to the late third round in the 2010 NFL Draft.

P.D.D. | [pee dee dee]
Abbreviation for Post Draft Depression.  The feeling one gets after all the anticipation and excitement of the NFL Draft is over.
Used in a sentence:  Joe returned to work on Monday after the draft feeling completely lifeless, and sad.  It was clear he was suffering from P.D.D.

Mr. Irreleveant | [mis ter e rel e vent]
The last player taken in the draft.  Usually a lame parade is thrown in his honor.
Used in a sentence:  Ryan Succop was one of the better Mr. Irrelevant’s of all time.

Small Schooler |
A player who plays in a less competitive division and or team that nobody ever hears about.
Used in a sentence: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was very good prospect in the 2008 draft, but some teams were scared off that he was a small schooler from Tennessee St.

Sexy Pick | [sekk-see-pik]
A player drafted who plays a position that gets a lot of attention/glamour. i.e. a quarterback, wide receiver, or runningback.
Used in a sentence: Sweet the Vikings just drafted Adrian Peterson, what a sexy pick!

Unsexy Pick | [un-sekk-see-pik]
A player drafted who plays a position that doesn’t receive a lot of national media attention.
Used in a sentence: Drafting a center in round 1 may fill a need, but it is a very unsexy pick.

Pizza Fudge | [peet -sa-fudj]
A traditional draft day dish consisting of about 3 pounds of cheese, salsa, eggs, and pepperoni, traditionally served in cubed sections.
Used in a sentence:  After slamming his 3rd consecutive Boone’s Farm, Skinny was hungry and helped himself to a few pieces of pizza fudge.

Luxury Pick [luk-shur-ee- pik]
When a team drafts a position that they are already loaded at or when a team takes a player at a certain position when there is a player who fills a greater need available.
Used in a sentence:  The Buffalo Bills selection of CJ Spiller was a luxury pick because they already had a solid RB on the roster in Fred Jackson, and they could have used some help on their offensive line instead.

Gross Pick [grose-pik]
When a team makes a bad pick and you know it as soon as the commissioner reads the name on the card.
Used in a sentence:  When the Vikings took WR Troy Williamson with the 7th overall pick, we all moaned in disgust, since we knew it was a gross pick.

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