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Sept 29th
Aaron (Kansas) -
Who is one small school player that could make his way up the draft boards come April?
Matt (DraftSeason) -
One guy I have an eye on is Tom Compton from South Dakota St. he is a big offensive tackle that stands at 6’6, 315 lbs. One thing you can’t teach is size, and he has all kinds of it. Has the ability to play either tackle position and for his size moves very well along the line. Small school offensive lineman have made a habit of making a smooth transition to the NFL so a guy like Compton will grab quite a few looks come April.

Sept 28th
Jimmy (SD)
– What happens if a team like the Colts or the Vikings get the number 1 overall pick. The Colts have Manning for a few more years and the Vikings just drafted Ponder in round 1 last year. Do either bite on Luck?
Matt (DraftSeason) - Very tough question, but a guy like Luck comes around once every 10 years. He is truly the real deal, it would be almost impossible for a team to pass on him. The Vikings invested an early 1st rounder last year in Ponder but let’s face it he doesn’t have the ceiling that Luck has. As for the Colts, Manning has a very serious injury that could shorten his already winding down career. Unless they could get a team to do a Herschel Walker type trade, Luck goes number 1.

Sept 25th
Mike (Cleveland, Oh)
– Janoris Jenkins from Florida, what happened to that guy and will he be in the 2012 NFL Draft?
Matt (DraftSeason) - Mike, after being dismissed Janoris Jenkins landed at North Alabama (DII). Through 4 games he is doing well, already has a punt returned for a TD and a fumble recovery that he took for a score. He will do well the rest of the year, as long as he can keep his nose clean should still have a legit chance to go in the first 2 rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft.

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