Ultimate 2012 NFL Mock Draft

Final Ultimate Mock of the Year

Onebar, Lupagus and Lomas butt heads as they rotate picks for the third 2012 Ultimate NFL Mock Draft of the DraftSeason.

1. Indianapolis Colts (Onebar) – Andrew Luck QB, Stanford
At this point I don’t think an explanation is really necessary. Luck will be the pick.

2. Washington Redskins (From Rams) (Lomas) – Robert Grifin III QB, Baylor
An amazing player, man, and athlete. I have no doubt in my mind that RG3 has the talent and charisma to lead this team to great places.

3. Minnesota Vikings (Lups) – Matt Kalil OT, USC
The Vikes will take Kalil here and actually upgrade three positions by doing so, LT, LG, and QB.

4. Cleveland Browns (Onebar) – Trent Richardson RB, Alabama
O.C. Brad Childress wasted no time getting AP in Minnesota. Look for him to do the same with getting Richardson in Cleveland.

5.Tampa Bay Bucs (Lomas)- Morris Claiborne CB LSU
Claiborne is the last elite splash player in my opinion and he can be a stud in any scheme. A year with R. Barber will help him acclimate to the NFL both on and off the field.

6. St. Louis Rams (From Skins) (Lups) – Justin Blackmon WR, Oklahoma St.
There are various opinions on whether Blackmon is an elite talent in this draft or not, but he is a physical receiver who is great after the catch and that is exactly what the Rams offense is missing.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars (Onebar) – Melvin Ingram DE, South Carolina
Ingram is looking like a great fit in the Jags defense. His beastly ability would finally bring the Jags a pass rushing specialist they greatly need.

8. Miami Dolphins (Lomas)- Riley Reiff OT Iowa
If I had to define Reiff in one sentence I would say, “Reiff gets his job done”. He is a hard worker and his only concern is that his arms may be shorter than the elite OTs. If for some reason he can’t make it at OT he has all the tools to step in at OG and get it done there. Either way he will be a massive upgrade to the OL.

9. Carolina Panthers (Lups) – Luke Kuechly LB, Boston College
The Panthers lost Dan Connor in free agency and Beason and Davis have been ravaged by injuries.  They can find their defensive tackle in round 2.

10. Buffalo Bills (Onebar) – Michael Floyd WR, Notre Dame
The Bills would be thrilled to add a top wide receiver to their offense. Floyd is a guy who could help Buffalo’s offense day 1.

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