Updated 2013 NFL Mock Draft | Will Lomas

Will Lomas brings his first 2013 NFL Mock Draft to the table. Feast your eyes below on the first round glory, nothing better than an early mock draft to start out the year.

Updated May 26th, 2012

1. Cleveland Browns- Robert Woods WR USC
2. Jacksonville Jaguars- Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas
3. Miami Dolphins- Keenan Allen WR Cal
4. St. Louis Rams- Luke Joeckel LT Texas A&M
5. Oakland Raiders- Matt Barkley QB USC
6. Indianapolis Colts- Kwann Short DL (can play the 5 or NT) Purdue
7. Minnesota Vikings-Justin Hunter WR Tennessee
8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jarvis Jones DE Georgia
9. New York Jets- Tyler Bray QB Tennessee
10. Arizona Cardinals- Logan Thomas QB Virginia Tech
11. St. Louis Rams (via Washington Redskins)-Jake Mathews OT Texas A&M
12. Dallas Cowboys- Star Lotulelei NT Utah
13. Seattle Seahawks- Jackson Jeffcoat DE Texas
14. Buffalo Bills- Marquess Wilson WR Washington State
15. Kansas City Chiefs- Landry Jones QB Oklahoma
16. Carolina Panthers-Kwame Geathers DT Georgia
17. New Orleans Saints- Ricky Wagner OT Wisconsin
18. Atlanta Falcons-Barrett Jones OT Alabama
19. San Diego Chargers-Sean Porter DE Texas A&M
20. Chicago Bears- D.J. Fluker OT Alabama
21. Philadelphia Eagles-Manti Te’o LB Notre Dame
22. Tennessee Titans- Sam Montegomery DE LSU
23. New England Patriots- David Amerson CB North Carolina State
24. Denver Broncos- Jonathan Banks CB Mississippi State
25. Cincinnati Bengals- Marcus Latimore RB South Carolina
26. Baltimore Ravens- Monte Ball RB Wisconsin
27. Pittsburgh Steelers- Johnny Adams CB Michigan State
28. Houston Texans-Tavon Austin WR West Virginia
29. Detroit Lions- Devin Taylor DE South Carolina
30. Green Bay Packers- Robert Lester FS Alabama
31. San Francisco 49ers- Chance Warmack OG Alabama
32. New York Giants- Barkevious Mingo DE LSU


  1. Tanner :

    So who has the second pick?

  2. Dave :

    I feel like i’m beating a dead horse. Tannehill to the Browns in the 1st round period makes little to no sense for the Browns on several platforms. No offense but there is absolutely no history of either Mike Holmgren or Tom Heckert taking a qb this high, let alone a project qb. It would be different if Tannehill was a top shelf prospect but he isnt. He is a project QB with some upside. We all know this. Do teams reach for players? Absolutely. There is no history OR NEED for the Browns to draft him at 4 or 22. Im sorry but QB is not the need people think it is. McCoy may never be able to carry a team but he is a serviceable starter. The Browns will not draft Tannehill I can promise you that. I can also promise that the vanilla style WCO that Tannehill did have a bit of experience in, is not even close to the true WCO where timing is everything. The kid is not accurate which totally defies the WCO theology. McCoy at least is accurate.

    • Will :

      First time I have mocked Tannehill to the Browns in rd 1. The Browns NEED a new QB, no one in the organization has faith that McCoy can lead that franchise. If they thought he could do it then they wouldn’t have been pushing to move up for Griffin. If they had any faith in him they would have said so and told the world that they were going to put weapons around him in free agency and in the draft. Could i see them taking Richardson or Blackmon? Sure. Even Claiborne would be a solid pick. But when your franchise loses faith in your starting QB, you are just asking to lose games.

      • Andrew :

        Umm actually Holmgren, Heckert, and Shurmur have all been quoted this off-season saying that McCoy is still a great player, great leader, and could use help. At no point has anyone in the front office written McCoy off. Speculate all you want, but there is NO PROOF that the franchise doesn’t trust McCoy.

        • Will :

          Of course they say that. When has an organization openly attacked their QB. Just because Fisher said VY was a good leader, playmaker, blah blah doesn’t mean it was true. Rule #1 for an organization is to always talk up your starters and right now McCoy is there starter. The proof is in them trying to move up to get RG3. You don’t offer to trade multiple first rounders to draft a QB if you trust the one you have now.

  3. duncan :

    Decent mock. though seeing mercilus go ten is a little bit of a reach not by much though.

    • Will :

      Very quick off the snap and has nice explosion. Still raw and needs to add strength to his game. Like I said though Bills are in love with him if the reports are true.

  4. Mstewart9 :

    If the Browns draft Tannehill at #4, they will regret that for many years to come. With so many Better players available and also needs such as WR and RB. The Browns Could draft either Blackmon or Richardson at #4 and then maybe, just maybe draft Tannehill at #22 with their 2nd 1st round pick. The Browns are also selecting early in the 2nd round (somewhere at #36 or #37) so they could even draft Tannehill there. In my mock draft, I have the Browns drafting Richardson at #4, Tannehill at #22 and Sanu in the 2nd round, #36 or #37. I think because Barkely and Jones stayed in school Tannehill suddenly became popular. I believe Weeden is a better QB than Tannehill.

  5. Andrew :

    The Browns are too smart to waste a high pick on Tannehill. Another team will take a chance on him, but the Browns will be wise and wait until the 2nd or 3rd round before taking a QB. And to remind everyone else, McCoy when he was coming out of college was projected the same as Tannehill, some thought he was mid level talent but would be drafted in the 1st round. Remember how that turned out?

    Tannehill will fall this draft.

    • Will :

      McCoy was very different from Tannehill coming out. McCoy was a leader and long time starter for Texas, his biggest concerns were arm strength and a lack of a prototypical build. Tannehill has one season as a QB and is a raw player than needs to be groomed, however with his athleticism and upside, he will no make it to the Browns second pick. If you don’t get a quality QB this year, there is a good chance you will have a similar record and the firings will start.

  6. Rick :

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