Quanterus Smith Interview | Western Kentucky Defensive End

Quanterus Smith has been causing issues on opposing offensive backfields since his sophomore year at Western Kentucky. Smith is off to a very hot start to his final year at the collegiate level already racking up a handful of quarterback sacks. Smith’s biggest knock will be the fact he is playing for a smaller school, but he performance against Alabama and his 3 sacks should help put some of those concerns to rest. We have watched many defenders come out of smaller schools and make an immediate impact at the next level. I see Smith as a hot riser when the official DraftSeason kicks into full gear.

Matt Falk (DraftSeason): You are off to a big start this year, what is your number 1 goal for you and Western Kentucky for the 2012 season?
Quanterus Smith: To win the conference and a bowl game.

Matt Falk (DraftSeason): What part of your game sets you apart from some of the other top pass rushers in the nation?
Quanterus Smith: I really haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch other pass rusher so I wouldn’t know.

Matt Falk (DraftSeason): The Alabama game solidified you as one of the best pass rushers in the nation, what do you feel you Quanterus Smith: still need to improve on the most as far as your game is concerned?
Quanterus Smith: Power rush moves and consistency

Matt Falk (DraftSeason): Best and worst part about playing for a smaller school?
Quanterus Smith: Best: it makes the win that much better when you beat a bigger conference school. Worst: you don’t get some of the things that bigger school gets

Matt Falk (DraftSeason): Best offensive lineman you have had the chance to play against during your college career?
Quanterus Smith: I would have say James Brewer from Indiana Hoosiers during my sophomore year.

Matt Falk (DraftSeason): What current NFL player do you feel you resemble the most?
Quanterus Smith: I like to think Demarcus Ware

Matt Falk (DraftSeason): What is your passion when you aren’t chasing quarterbacks on the field?
Quanterus Smith: Watching the Falcons win

Matt Falk (DraftSeason): Finally, do you have a certain sack number in mind you want to reach by the end of the year?
Quanterus Smith: Hopefully 13+

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