Post Draft Depression

For all fans of the NFL Draft the end of April is a time of  jubilation.  It is on this fateful weekend that all the speculation comes to an end, and the mystery that is the draft is unveiled. But beneath the drama and the excitement of each pick there is something dark that lays brewing deep within us all.  For some of us it may rear its ugly head shortly after the first pick of the draft is made. For others it may be after the first round or the end of the second day. And for a fateful few it may not set in until after Mr. Irrelevant has been drafted. What is this evil menace?  It’s called Post Draft Depression or
P.D.D.    It is that shallow empty feeling that we get after the draft. It is the painful reminder that we will have to wait another 365 days for the commissioner to come out again. It is the stone cold truth of the fact that there will be no more mock drafts to look at, no more speculation on the local radio or at the workplace, for the draft has ended and we are shrouded in darkness.

But there are some things one can do to battle P.D.D.

-Draft Grades:
On Saturday evening or early Sunday after the draft, there are an abundance of sites that offer draft grades. Kiper always has his out right away, and you can find others on almost any draft site. This will give the sufferer of P.D.D. a good week or two of debate among his peers about who had the best and worst drafts.

-Track the Undrafted free agents:
Every year some good players go undrafted, and teams scurry about to sign them.   This is almost like an additional round or two if you follow it close enough.  A good site to monitor these signings is or the transaction portion of the sports section in a major newspaper.

- Find a Replacement Draft:
The Major League Baseball draft is now being aired in early June on ESPN2, and the NBA Draft is held at the end of June, and the NHL Draft is somewhere in there too. Though these aren’t as good as the NFL Draft there is still that thrill of uncertainty before each pick is announced that may briefly subside the craving of draft drama that sufferers of P.D.D. long for.

- Join Fantasy Football:
I would assume most draftniks are already established fantasy football players but if not join a league.  There are many fantasy sites that have fantasy mock drafts and a sufferer of P.D.D. will take comfort in reading them.  One can also play the part of a G.M. when their league holds its draft. It will be the closest any of us get to the real thing.

- Look for an early 2013 Mock Draft:
It’s never too early for draft sites to put up a mock for next year’s draft. Though they are completely and utterly useless, it will whet the appetite of the hungry draftnik who is suffering from P.D.D.

- Get a girlfriend:
Most girlfriends are completely useless on draft weekend, but they will soon become useful again.  Going to movies, taking walks, and heavy petting will help put the long wait for next year’s draft in the back of your mind.


Post Draft Depression is a very real and rapidly increasing
epidemic among us.  For some of us the Sunday
after the draft can be one of the lowest points of the year.  But sufferers of P.D.D. must realize they are
not alone. If they follow the advice above they will find that September will
be here sooner than they think, and a new football season will start, and with it, the speculation for next year’s draft.

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