NFL Draft Interview | Jamell Fleming Oklahoma

Jamell Fleming has been a solid corner for the Sooners. Very technically sound corner who can hold his own against some of the top wideouts in the nation. Above average tackler who has good instincts and can make a big play when needed.

DraftSeason: Jamell, what are your current plans in the coming months leading up to the NFL Draft?
Jamell Fleming: I would like to become the best that I can be physically and mentally as well as become a role model for our younger generation.

DraftSeason: What would you say is your greatest strength and greatest weakness as a cornerback?
Jamell Fleming: My greatest strength would be having the physical ability to disrupt receivers in there routes also having good speed and being able to recover. My weakness that I would like to improve would be moving my foot work.

DraftSeason: What is your answer to people who say you might have a hard time in the NFL at your size?
Jamell Fleming: At my position, I don’t feel like I am undersized. I feel that I am a prototype to what a cornerback should look like.

DraftSeason: What do you feel will be the biggest difference going from college ball to the NFL?
Jamell Fleming: Facing talented receivers, game in and game out.

DraftSeason: What has been your greatest accomplishment during your time at Oklahoma?
Jamell Fleming: Being defensive MVP two years in a row.

DraftSeason: What is your number 1 goal come draft day?
Jamell Fleming: To show everybody how talented I am.

DraftSeason: Which current NFL wide receiver are you most looking forward to getting your hands on ?
Jamell Fleming: Larry Fitzgerald

DraftSeason: What are your big plans once your playing days are over?
Jamell Fleming: To continue giving back to the community and always helping others in need.

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