NFL Draft Interview | David DeCastro, Stanford

DeCastro is hands down the best interior offensive lineman in the entire 2012 NFL Draft. Has been the anchor on Stanfords offensive line for the past few years. Could see his stock rise to be a sure top 15 pick.

DraftSeason: What are your plans in the coming months leading up to the NFL Draft?
David DeCastro: To prepare myself both physically and mentally to the best of my ability for the Combine and Pro Day.

DraftSeason: You very well could be the most NFL ready player in the entire draft, what do you feel is your greatest weakness that you need to improve on?
David DeCastro: I think that I could improve in every area. I don’t think there is any player out there who would say that they have stopped working on anything because they can’t get any better. You can always get better but specifically for me I think consistency is always important at the offensive line position. To be consistent you have to be physically and mentally prepared.

DraftSeason: You are one of the elite lineman in this years draft, what do you feel sets you apart from the competition?
David DeCastro: I wouldn’t really know since I don’t view myself in that light. I feel there are some extraordinary offensive lineman in this draft and I am honored to be mentioned with them.

DraftSeason: Best and worst part about playing on the offensive line?
David DeCastro: Best – It’s a team within a team since your play is often a product of and how you and the guy next to you plays. From communication to technique O-Lineman have to be on the same page if they want to be successful. This makes it challenging but also adds to the level of reward.
Worst – There isn’t a bad part. I love playing Offensive Line.

DraftSeason: What has been your greatest accomplishment during your time at Stanford?
David DeCastro: Being part of a class and team that turned Stanford Football around and laid a foundation that I hope to see continue in the future.

DraftSeason: Best offensive lineman to ever play in the NFL?
David DeCastro: There are a lot of them that I have watched but my favorite is Steve Wisniewski

DraftSeason: Best defensive lineman you have had the chance to play against during your college career?
David DeCastro: Stephen Paea from Oregon State

DraftSeason: What is your number 1 goal come draft day?
David DeCastro: Same as number one, to know that I’ve done everything in my power to be in the best physical and mental shape

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