NFL Draft Interview | Chase Minnifield, Virginia

Chase Minnifield Interview

Chase Minnifield from Virginia is one of the most complete cornerbacks in the 2012 NFL Draft. Good size and above average tackler, should be on the verge of a first round pick.

DraftSeason: You recently had your knee scoped, how is it feeling and how long before you get back to 100%?
Chase Minnifield: I feel like I’m ahead of schedule and expect to be 100% within a month.

DraftSeason: How close were you to declaring last year after your Junior year?
Chase Minnifield: I was very close to declaring last year.  I talked to former teammates, some declared early and some that stayed.  Ultimately my family and I decided it came down to if staying would improve my draft position and we believed with continued hard work it would.  I think I made a good decision.

DraftSeason: What do you feel is your greatest strenth and biggest weakness as a cornerback?
Chase Minnifield: My greatest strength is my understanding of the position. I do not believe I have any real weakness at the position.

DraftSeason: Greatest accomplishment during your college career at Virginia?
Chase Minnifield: Helping Virginia get back to a bowl game.

DraftSeason: You have had the chance to go up against some top receivers in the nation, which receiver wowed you the most during your college career?
Chase Minnifield: No one has really wowed me.  I feel my game preparation and ability allowed me to be ready for every opponent and successfully compete.

DraftSeason: What do you feel is the most underrated part of your game?
Chase Minnifield: I don’t really know.

DraftSeason: What is your greatest passion off the field?
Chase Minnifield:Family time

DraftSeason: Virginia has produced some quality corners in the past few years, many scouts see you as the best of the bunch, what is your personal goal come draft weekend?
Chase Minnifield: To be a first round pick.

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