NFL Draft Interview | Chandler Harnish Northern Illinois

Chandler Harnish will go down as the best quarterback to wear a Huskies jersey at Northern Illinois. He is one of the more shiftier quarterbacks in the draft who can make the big play with his arm or legs.  His playmaking ability will grab a GM’s attention and could be the type of player who comes off the board earlier than expected.

DraftSeason: Number 1 thing you are looking forward to showcasing at the East West Shrine game?
Chandler Harnish: Very excited to play in the game. Such an honor to represent my school. Want to showcase that I can make all the throws down field from different drops from under center.

DraftSeason: What do you feel is your greatest strength as a quarterback?
Chandler Harnish: Playmaker, when plays break down I can use my running ability to escape the pocket and make the critical 3rd down conversions.

DraftSeason: You will go down as possibly the best quarterback to ever wear a Huskies helmet. What do you contribute your success as a college football quarterback to?
Chandler Harnish: Have has great coaches along the way . Also, some great teammates, especially receivers who have made me look really good at times when the throws weren’t perfect.

DraftSeason: Do you feel your ability to make big plays with your legs sets you apart a little from the other quarterbacks in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft?
Chandler Harnish: I definitely think it is a huge asset for me, however it is important to show that I can get under center and make all the necessary throws.

DraftSeason: During your college career, who has been the best player you have shared the field with?
Chandler Harnish: I would have to say jason Pierre paul. 2010 international bowl, he wreaked havoc on us all day. Phenominal athlete who was relentless all the time.

DraftSeason: What are your plans in the coming months leading up to draft day?
Chandler Harnish: I will train in barrington, Chicago suburb where I will train with Turk Schonert and Jeff christensen on technique and drops.

DraftSeason: What current or past NFL quarterback would you most compare your style of play to?
Chandler Harnish: I think I compare to some young QB’s like jake locker or christian ponder. Guys that can play under center and in the gun and can also make plays with their feet.

DraftSeason: Finally, what is your passion away from the field?
Chandler Harnish: I love playing basketball! Indiana boy through and through. It’s a religion. I also love hanging with my family and friends.

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