NFL Draft Interview | Brandon Brooks Miami (OH)

Brooks is a big versatile lineman who has the ability to play multiple positions on the offensive line. Although he has played both left tackle and guard, he will most likely find his home at the guard position in the NFL.

DraftSeason: Brandon, you have played multiple positions on the offensive line during your college career, at what position do you feel most dominant?
Brandon Brooks: Well I’ve played both guard positions and I have played guard 3 out of the 4 years I started at Miami. So I believe guard I feel most dominate. I like playing tackle because of the one on one competition every play but I feel most dominate at guard because I played it for so long.

DraftSeason: What are you plans in the coming months leading up to the NFL Draft?
Brandon Brooks: I am currently working out at home at NX Level Athletics. A couple days after my final game I decided to sign with LMM&P (LMM) sports. January 2nd I am moving to Scottsdale, Arizona to train at Athletes Performance Institute (API) until I play in the East-West Shrine Game. After that hopefully the combine but if not pro-day. After that I’ll just continue to stay in shape and pray till the draft comes.

DraftSeason: What part of your game do you feel you need to improve on the most?
Brandon Brooks: Well, I plan to drop some weight and work on my speed and agility. I think by improving this I can vastly help myself.

DraftSeason: Best football moment to date?
Brandon Brooks: Best football moment was last year when we won the MAC Championship. We are in the huddle on 4th and twenty and as a o-line we said we going to block through the whistle. Next thing you know Chris Givens catches the tipped pass. The very next play NIU blew a coverage and we scored with seconds remaining. It was a surreal feeling.

DraftSeason: Toughest defensive lineman you have faced during your college career?
Brandon Brooks: Toughest d-lineman I’ve face was either Muhammed Wilkerson or Ricardo Mathews. Both were very expeirenced, strong and quick.

DraftSeason: What do you feel you have that other top ranked offensive lineman have to offer?
Brandon Brooks: I think work ethic and drive. I believe talent only takes you so far and these two things serperate good from great.

DraftSeason: What is the best part about playing for Miami of OH?
Brandon Brooks: The brotherhood. There is nothing anyone wouldnt do for each other. Its like one big family and is a tradition of Miami that was long before and will be there long after me.

DraftSeason: Finally, what do you see yourself doing when your playing days are over?
Brandon Brooks: I always wanted to go into law enforcment but I thought would I rather put people away or try to prevent them from going that route in the first place. So I decided I want to teach instead.

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