NFL Draft Interview | Blair Walsh, Georgia

Walsh could very well be the best kicker in the entire 2012 NFL Draft class. With both an accurate and strong leg, Walsh has been the Bulldogs starting kicker for the past 4 years and will get the chance to do the same in the NFL.

DraftSeason: First off, how has the offseason leading to the NFL Draft been, what has been the best part?
Blair Walsh: The offseason leading to the NFL Draft has been an awesome experience.  I am currently training in Athens and am preparing for scheduled individual workouts with multiple teams.

DraftSeason: Any feel for which teams seem more interested than other in your kicking services?
Blair Walsh: As I mentioned, I have had multiple individual workouts with NFL teams and have talked to various teams who are interested in me and what I can bring to their team.

DraftSeason: You wrapped up a solid career at Georgia, what was your greatest moment on the field during your time?
Blair Walsh: I was blessed to have a solid four year career at Georgia and have attempted over 100 field goals in the duration of my career.  Of all those field goals, I think the one that stands out most in my memory was my 37 yard game winning field goal against Arizona State in the driving rain.

DraftSeason: If you could have 1 kick back during your college career what would it be?
Blair Walsh: I think the one kick I would take back would be the kick against Michigan State in our bowl game.

DraftSeason: Best kicker in the NFL today?
Blair Walsh: In my opinion, the best kicker in the NFL today is Robbie Gould.  His consistent approach combined with his unwavering confidence makes him a deadly accurate kicker.

DraftSeason: What golf club would you compare your leg to ?
Blair Walsh: If I were to compare my leg to a golf club, I would compare it to a five iron.  A five iron posses the distance and accuracy to get the job done from anywhere on the fairway.

DraftSeason: You lead the crop of a handful of kicking prospects, what sets you apart?
Blair Walsh: I think what sets me apart from other kickers in this draft is the fact that I am a complete kicker who has the ability to do a multitude of things.   I can hit both short range and long range field goals while getting the ball up in the air quickly.  I can hit kickoffs at a very high level and can produce touchbacks.  I have been a four year starter and kicked in many high pressure situations in the best conference in college football.  I look forward to playing and competing at the next level.

DraftSeason: Finally, what is the one thing kickers get no love for?
Blair Walsh: Kickers tend to not get enough credit as athletes.  Kickers are usually former soccer players, and I think we all can agree that soccer players are pretty athletic and have to maintain a high level of conditioning in order to succeed.

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