NFL Draft Interview | Asa Jackson, Cal Poly

One of the better small school prospects from Cal-Poly. Not only a very solid cornerback but also a dynamic returnman. Very speedy playmaker who has a very good chance of bumping up the draft boards leading up to the draft.

DraftSeason: What are your plans in the coming months leading up to the NFL Draft?
Asa Jackson: I will be training in Phoenix at API

DraftSeason: What is your number 1 greatest asset as a defensive back?
Asa Jackson: My football savy and IQ.

DraftSeason: What do you feel is the most underrated part of your game?
Asa Jackson: My ability to compete against high level competition.

DraftSeason: Being a return-man boosts your NFL stock, do you feel you can step in as an NFL rookie and produce as a return man?
Asa Jackson: Yes, I really do think that I can.  Returns are huge part of my game, I love special teams.  I plan on continuing on punt and kick return and look to try and get one more punt return touchdown then Patrick Peterson ends up with this year.

DraftSeason: Best and worst thing about playing for a smaller school?
Asa Jackson: The best thing about playing for a small school was the amount of exposure I was able to get.  Since I was able to shine in a smaller conference, I feel that I was able to get my name out to scouts better than if I was not playing for two or three years at a bigger school.  The worst part was not always playing against competition that challenged me.  Not to take anything away from the guys that I played, but at times it was hard not playing top notch guys every week.

DraftSeason: What are you most looking forward to showcasing during offseason workouts?
Asa Jackson: Im looking forward to showing NFL personnel that I can compete and succeed against FBS competition. I am also looking forward to showing my speed and technique and how it translates to the field

DraftSeason: What is your biggest passion off the field?
Asa Jackson: My family is for sure my biggest passion.  Other than that, it has to be playing ps3.

DraftSeason: Finally, best player to ever put on a Cal Poly jersey?
Asa Jackson: Ramses Barden

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