NFL Draft Interview | Joe Looney, Wake Forest

Wake Forest Demon Deacons guard Joe Looney takes time out of his busy schedule to answer some quick questions from

DraftSeason: What is your number 1 personal goal on the field for the upcoming season?
Joe Looney: The number one goal I have for myself on the field this year is to enjoy playing football. I have been playing this wonderful game for quite some time now. I have been blessed with the opportunity play college football, and being able to play as a senior is a dream. I would like to enjoy being around my teammates and coaches for one more great year of football.

DraftSeason: You had the chance to play for a number of colleges coming out of high school, what was it about Wake Forest that landed you?
Joe Looney: I choose Wake Forest University because of the people that I would associate myself with. When I was being recruited out of high school, I figured everywhere I go would offer a good education and wonderful Facilities. Basically I wanted to go to a University that had the best people and Wake Forest University was that place. Coach Jim Grobe and the whole coaching staff are great. Anything you need our have a problem with they are right there for you. At Wake Forest University I am looked at as more than a football player.

DraftSeason: What is the best part about being a big man on the offensive line?
Joe Looney: Being a big man on the offensive line is wonderful. You are able to be physical and athletic at the same time. It is so much fun when you’re running back is having a career day for rushing yards. That is something all offensive linemen are proud of.

DraftSeason: What do offensive lineman NOT get enough credit for on the field?
Joe Looney: In my opinion I feel as if offensive linemen are not looked as being athletic. Just because offensive linemen are some of the biggest guys on the field does not mean we cannot move. Offensive linemen are just as talented athletes as the best running back, wide receiver, or quarterback on the field.

DraftSeason: What part of your game are you looking to improve on the most your senior year?
Joe Looney: The biggest part of my game I hope to improve this year is my pass blocking.  I am pretty well at pass blocking but sometimes I am too physical and want to attack the defender. My coach tells me all the time to sit back in my stance. This is something that I look forward on improving this season.

DraftSeason: Best defensive lineman you have had the chance to play against during your college career?
Joe Looney: The best defensive linemen I have had the chance to play against is BJ Raji of Boston College/Green Bay Packers. I had the chance to play against him my freshmen year of college. Raji is a very talented defensive linemen and I enjoyed being able to play against him.

DraftSeason: Do you feel you are a more dominating pass or run blocker?
Joe Looney: I feel that I am a more dominant run blocker and I just love running play because it gives me a chance to be physical. Pass blocking is more of waiting for someone else to initiate contact. I like to be the first to do that.

DraftSeason: You are easily identified by your locks, what is that hair looking like these days?
Joe Looney: Yes, I am easily identified by my locks. My hair style is a huge afro that goes every way you can think of. I have it all under control though.

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