NFL Draft Interview | Duane Bennett, Minnesota

Gophers running back Duane Bennett takes time out of his busy schedule to answer some quick questions from

DraftSeason: With only one year left at the University of Minnesota what is your number 1 personal goal on the field?
Duane Bennett: My #1 personal goal is to lead my teammates in the right direction, so that the tradition can be carried on after I finish up my final season this year.

DraftSeason: Biggest change that coach Kill will bring to the Gophers?
Duane Bennett: Enthusiasm, a lot of people rally around Coach Kill and ultimately have the players really buy into what Coach Kill is trying to instill in us.

DraftSeason: What do you feel is the best aspect of your game as a running back?
Duane Bennett: The best part of my game, I would have to say would be being very versatile. Being able to do different things out of the backfield and at other positions to help create match ups that will ultimately benefit our team.

DraftSeason: What part of your game do you feel needs the most work?
Duane Bennett: I always a stickler on myself about my pass blocking, i don’t think it needs work, but I’m always looking to get better at it. I always want my QB knowing that he is protected at all times when I’m in the backfield.

DraftSeason: Best player you have had the chance to play against during your time at the U?
Duane Bennett: I would have to say James Lauranitius (sp?), just his physical attributes and knowledge of the game makes him on of the best to ever play in the Big Ten during his collegiate career.

DraftSeason: Which current NFL running back would you most compare yourself to?
Duane Bennett: I would have to say Brian Westbrook, because of the different things he can do as far as catching the ball or lining up a WR. Westbrook has always create favorable mismatches for his team.

DraftSeason: Which current U of Minnesota youngster should we keep our eyes on in the upcoming years?
Duane Bennett: The one youngster I’ll be looking out for after my my career is over would be Ed Olson, our left tackle. He has elite size and a mean streak to him when he plays. Having a season under his belt and more training with our strength and conditioning staff he is going to be a player to watch out for.

DraftSeason: Finally, over or under 1,000 yards on the ground this year?
Duane Bennett: Always looking to be over 1,000 for the season, but if the Wins stack up and I don’t get 1,000 yards, then I’ll still be perfectly fine with that. I’m all about the team first.

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