Preseason Player Profile: Robert Woods

Robert Woods

Wide Receiver

6’1” 180 lbs.


-Woods has 176 catches, 2,084 receiving yards, and 21 touchdowns in his first two years in college. With his level of dominance I don’t see any reason why he should stay in school for his senior year.

-Woods has nice, long strides that put allow him to beat corners deep with little effort. No matter how much cushion a defender give him he seems to eat it up in three strides.

-The stat sheet says he is only 6’1” but the way he dominates corners physically you would think that he was 6’4”.

-Similarly to Kendall Wright in the 2011 season, Woods can move all over the field and be successful. He has spend time at X, Y, in the slot, and even in the backfield.

-Robert Woods is always moving once he gets the ball. He tries to create space with his cuts and he often succeeds.

-When the ball is in Robert’s hands he usually can make one man miss which, paired with his deep speed makes him lethal in the screen game.

-One detractor from Robert Woods is that occasionally he just lets the ball slip through his hands. I’m not sure if it is a technique issue, if he has small hands, or if he just loses focus, but it can drive you a little crazy watching him.

-Woods is a stud plain and simple. He is what I call a volume-receiver, which means you want to get him the ball as many times as you can in a game because he can make big plays happen. This is a guy that you could screen the ball to 10 times in a row and he would gain yards 9 of those ten. Then after that you can fake the screen and hit him on a skinny post or a “nine” route for a deep touchdown. I really think Woods will be competing this year with his teammate Matt Barkley and Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson for the number one overall pick.

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