Round 1 NFL Mock Draft Continued

23. Detroit Lions

Jonathan Martin OT, Stanford

The Lions have a good thing going with their air attack. Keeping that intact will mean getting more protection up front.  Martin has watched is stock drop in the past few months but is still a first round talent.
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24. Pittsburgh Steelers

Dont’a Hightower LB, Alabama

The Steelers have done an overhaul of their defense. Getting a new face in the middle of the Steelers defense would be ideal and also help heal the wounds of Steeler fans aching the losses of the offseason.
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25. Denver Broncos

Jerel Worthy DT, Michigan St.

The Broncos take advantage of a very deep defensive tackle class. Most other years Worthy would most likely be a top 15 player. Denver desperatly needs a guy in the middle who can simply make plays
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26. Houston Texans

Stephen Hill WR, Georgia Tech

Seems like every year the Texans are looking to add that number 2 receiver opposite Andre Johnson. Hill is raw but has all the physical tools to be a menace for NFL secondaries.
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27. New England Patriots (from New Orleans)

Shea McClellin LB, Boise St.

McClellin has become the popular pick for the Patriots at pick 27 and I tend to agree. Fits the Patriots scheme and very versatile which is a plus for Belichick.
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28.Green Bay Packers

Nick Perry LB, USC

I see the Packers going defense, defense, defense. Adding pass rush opposite Matthes will help open up the defense. Harrison Smith could also be on their radar early.
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29. Baltimore Ravens

Courtney Upshaw LB, Alabama

Baltimore takes advantage of Upshaw falling and snap him up immediately. Upshaw could learn from some of the best defenders in the league. Would be the first step in adding youth to the Ravens defense.
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30. San Francisco 49ers

Amini Silatolu G, Midwestern St.

Big man from a small school. I give Silatolu the slight edge over fellow guard Zeitler just because I think he has the higher ceiling at the guard position.
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31. New England Patriots

Harrison Smith S, Notre Dame

If the Patriots want to nab a safety who can play as a rookie they will need to grab Smtih in round 1. New England has a pretty bare cupboard at safety and Smith has worked himself into 1st round consideration.
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32. New York Giants

Doug Martin RB, Boise St.

With the loss of Jacobs to free agency the Giants will be looking to add another running back to pair up with Bradshaw.
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  1. Joe :

    Lions will take Hightower, Burfict, Perry, or Konz,

    • alex :

      I agree with that except for Perry unless they cant re-sign Avril and i also see Jenoris Jenkins as a possibility he he is avalible. Also I dont understand why people seem to like Mike Adams so much he should not be taken in the first round as he struggles with quality pass rushers and with Mathews, Peppers, and Allen all in the division he wont do well.

  2. Will :

    Based on what info?

  3. ben :

    The Pats really need a pass rusher but I think Mercilus will go a lot higher than that. I really hope my Ravens get Hightower; no way we reach for Burflict in the first.

  4. Corey :

    Packer pick would be good in the second round….that kid is not a first rounder.

  5. hinkleyhick :

    For the Packers Smith is NOT a 1st rounder. You say yourself he is a “reach” which is a huge under statement. They need help on the edge rushing the passer or at DE rushing the passer. They can get a safety much later in the draft (jackson-whitley). No safety can help if they can’t get to the passer.

  6. Pasterio :

    Your wrong about the Packers so called pick you chose. Their is no way Ted Thompson or Mike McCarthy would use that pick and reach. Thompson has already shown his boldness to trade up or down in Most of the drafts. Its insulting for you guys and LADIES to put that out there. They have averaged a B on all of their drafts so far. You don’t improve without signing free agents by making unwise decision with your heart instead of your Head!!

  7. DaveWilk :

    Texans have to address their offensive line in the first round, now that they’ve cut RT Eric Winston and are likely to lose C Chris Myers and G Mike Brisiel in free agency.

  8. Matt :

    I actually like Harrison Smith, but the other posters here are right. The Packers will only take Smith if he is the best player available on their board. They don’t reach, ever. They always take best available over need. As a Packer fan, it often makes draft day frustrating, but you can’t argue with the results!

  9. Frank :

    I get Zeitler…maybe a bit of a reach, but not much. Don’t get Hosley…they don’t need a CB, really, having re-signed Rogers, resigned Tramaine Brock, signed Cox. They do need an OG…to compete w/2nd yr OL Daniel Kilgore. Don’t get Silatolu, another OG. Here’s what I think Harbaugh will do: he wants Fleener. I know you have the Bears taking him, and they could do that. However, I think they need a top OL more…to protect Cutler. We’ll see how that goes. If they were to take Zeitler 1st, then I can see possibly a RB or WR in rd 2, definitely not a CB. They did sign Jacobs, but that was a 1-yr contract. Gore’s wearing down, there’s no doubt about that. Hunter’s not really an every down RB. So, it’d make sense to get one of the top RB’s. I believe Doug Martin’s the best all-around RB in this draft…they’d most likely have to trade up to get him. GM Baalke has no problem moving up to get the player Harbaugh wants. 3rd rd could be WR, if not in 2nd. I firmly believe they want to take offensive players early…in an effort to jump-start Harbaugh’s WCO. Another factor…they have a full roster now, heading into the draft. It makes sense to trade up once, maybe twice to acquire higher quality players. If they came out of the draft w/4-5 top prospects, I believe they’d be happy. There won’t be many rookies make this squad, so coming away with better players increases their odds at making the team.

  10. DaveWilk :

    The Texans most likely won’t be taking a WR in the first round. If they do, it would be Kendall Wright, not Stephen Hill. They feel that Hill is too raw and would take too long to be a productive WR. I think they’re leaning O-Line at #26 but they won’t reach, so if all the O-Linemen that they have a first-round grade on are gone, look for them to trade down or even take Coby Fleener at #26 and nab some WRs, O-Linemen and also an OLB/Edge rusher in Rounds 2-5.

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