Lomas | Continued Picks 54-64

Updated March 6th, 2012

54. Detroit (10-6)- Andrew Datko OT FSU
Datko was injured this year and most teams seem to have forgotten about him. He is an under the radar OT that had first round potential before the injury, with long arms and the skill set to start the Lions get a gem here.

55. Atlanta (10-6)- Trumaine Johnson CB/S Montana
Another small school prospect that has burst on to the scene. Johnson is a versatile defensive back that can help a back seven that is likely losing one of their best players to FA.

56. Pittsburgh (12-4) – Doug Martin RB Boise State
Martin is a much quicker back than anyone on the Steelers current roster and can add another dimension to the Steelers offense. He can start immediately as a pass catching threat out of the backfield and may develop into an every down back with time.

57. Denver (8-8) – Chris Polk RB Washington
Polk has shown flashes of being a game changer, but plays behind such a weak offense and with a weak supporting cast, that his numbers don’t reflect his talent. They need a young quality RB that can keep this rushing attack number one in the league next year.

58. Houston Texans (13-3) Josh Chapman NT Alabama
Chapman is a gritty NT that knows how to play through pain. If he falls to this point the Texans could be getting another upgrade.

59. New Orleans (13-3) – Brandon Thompson DT Clemson
Thompson is just the kind of player that Spags will want in the middle of his new DL. Thompson is strong and will push the pocket in the passing game, but also has a deceptiveness about him that lets him slip blocks and get into the backfield.

60. Green Bay (15-1)- Ronell Lewis DE/OLB Oklahoma
Without many holes on the Packers roster they can use their top two picks on pass rushers. Lewis uses his hands and strength very well and is often dominant off the edge. However intelligence and character issues will push him out of the first round and only a few teams will risk his issues infecting his locker room. The Packers are a strong team built around character however and if Lewis acts out the team will set him straight.

61. Baltimore (12-4)-Markelle Martin FS OKST
Martin is a ball hawk that could be an exceptional guy to develop behind Reed. With Jimmy Smith still developing, and a Burfict/Martin rookie combo the Ravens can bring along a new era of defenders so that when Lewis and Reed retire, their back ups can step in and not miss a step.

62. San Francisco (13-3)- Brandon Boykin CB Georgia
Boykin is a football player, he played in every phase of the game in college and seems just like the type of player that Harbaugh would want on his team. With the likely departure of Rodgers, Boykin can come in and find his fit on the league’s best defense.

63. New England (13-3)- Jameel Flemming CB Oklahoma
Flemming is a good corner who makes WRs struggle to get separation. Not a great tackler but that can be fixed with time. New England got its pass rushers, now they will bolster the secondary to give them an extra second to get to the QB.

64. New York Giants (9-7) – Orson Charles TE Georgia
Charles is one of the new hybrid TEs that is more of a receiver than a blocker, but that seems to be the next NFL trend. He can find the holes in zone coverage and is tough to cover in man. The TEs in New York were good but suffered some unfortunate injuries in the Super Bowl win. Charles will not only add big talent, but he will add much needed depth.

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  1. DaveWilk :

    Man, if the real draft holds true to the way you’ve mapped things out in the first two rounds, I’m going to be loving life as a Texans fan!

  2. Will :

    Yea, you guys will have definitely had one of the best match ups of talent, need, and BPA all coming together.

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