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Updated April 23rd, 2012

23. Detroit* (10-6)- Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina
Gilmore is a tough corner that has the grit to fit in with that tough defense in Detroit. Though they have bigger needs, the Lions have shown us that they love to take BPA much more than they like to take need. Gilmore can come in and help stick with the tough WRs in the NFC North while also making splash plays in the backfield.  Though Matt Stafford will probably suffer, the team will be better with this pick and may be equipped for a deep playoff run.

24. Pittsburgh* (12-4) Kelechi Osemele OG/OT Iowa State
While he isn’t the cleanest prospect, K.O. is a huge bodied blocker that can be an instant upgrade to that offensive line. He has the size to play either OT or OG, whichever they feel more comfortable with. K.O. isn’t overly athletic, but he is strong and smart enough to know how to use that strength to consistently win.

25. Denver* (8-8) Michael Brockers DT LSU
Brockers has the amazing upside that teams covet, mix that with his ability to anchor against the run and you have the perfect solution to Denver’s defensive issues.

26. Houston* (10-6)- Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina
Jeffery is a huge question mark in this years draft and will need a team to fall in love with him, luckily the Texans have a big need and Jeffry can be a big star in the right system. Andre Johnson can keep Jeffry’s work ethic on track if there are questions and can teach him how to do all the little things right. All in all Jeffry is a boom or bust prospect and the Texans have enough young talent to take this chance.

27. New England – from New Orleans* (13-3)- Vinny Curry DE/OLB Marshall
A talented pass rusher, Curry plays at 6-4 and has the speed to play as an edge rusher in this system. Good timing because Andre Carter and Mark Anderson are both free agents.

28. Green Bay* (15-1)- Shea McClellin DE/OLB Boise State
McClellin has had a huge buzz around him over the last few weeks and it looks like he won’t fall much farther than 28. A clean pass rusher with untapped talent, Shea can thrive next to Mathews and will be the solution to the Packers need for more pressure on the QB.

29. Baltimore* (12-4)- Dont’a Hightower MLB Alabama
One of the few LBs with instincts comparable to Ray Lewis, Hightower can be the next leader of that defense once Ray decides its time to hang it up.

30. San Francisco* (13-3)- Peter Konz C Wisconsin
Konz can play at OG or C and can be an upgrade at either. Their recent WR purchases will likely keep them from drafting a true number one, but Konz versatile and a great prospect and would be great in San Fran.

31. New England* (13-3)- Courtney Upshaw DE/OLB Alabama
Upshaw is a talented pass rusher, but doesn’t have the elite quickness or outside moves that teams covet. He usually gets to the QB through a combination of leverage and power. With some coaching by Belichick and with the speedy Vinny Curry opposite him he could do wonders for this defense long term.

32. New York Giants* (9-7)- Quinton Coples DE UNC
I know what you are thinking, this is not a huge need but let me break it down. Coples is the top guy left on my board and no one close makes sense except possibly Lamar Miller. The Giants have Osi Umenyiora and he is in the last year of his contract and he is unhappy. This pick would allow the Giants to put him on the block for a high day two pick or a future first round pick. Coples also helps with the lack of elite depth at the DT position. While I don’t like Coples I have no doubt that he would have the talent to thrive (eight or more sacks) in the NASCAR package that the Giants run.

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  1. Frank :

    Marvin Jones…#30 pick? Wow…talk about a reach. I can see Randle or even Fleener, but not Jones that high. Understand he’s a local kid, but he made a habit of showing well against bad teams. He’ll be facing top secondaries every week in the NFL. By the draft, Harbaugh will have signed a good FA WR and re-signed Josh Morgan, making Fleener an attractive pick, and a guy who could arguably give the Niners a top TE tandem in the NFC.

    • Will :

      Thanks for reading, I don’t see Randle as a guy who can be a true number one receiver. As for Fleener, I get that he is a Stanford guy like Harbaugh and that he is a very good pass catcher, but there are a lot of those in this draft there is no reason to grab a TE so early. When the 49ers sign a FA WR this pick may change but if all they do is resign Josh Morgan they would be lucky to get Jones. I think Jones has a lot of upside, some people agree and some don’t. Having said that, yes he is a bit of a reach but the quality of the WRs will drop by the time the 49ers draft again and you can’t risk missing out on a possible number one WR for another TE in my opinion.

  2. Matt :

    NO way the Lions take Dre at the combine he assured himself along with his off the field issues a second round selection. The Lions will take Luke Kuechly to replace Tulloch the way your draft falls. I dont agree with your draft at all, but following your logic they will fill a need. The Lions always take the BPA and off the field issues like Jenkin Kirkpatrick, etc, are a deal breaker. So, if the Lions take the MLB then in the second round they take the OL they need.

    • Will :

      Kirkpatrick is the BPA. I have heard that Kirkpatrick didn’t interview well, but he has top 15 talent. He doesn’t have any real off the field issues that will cause teams not to draft him. Kuechly is solid but definitely isn’t a better player than Kirkpatrick.

  3. Jordan :

    How does Kuechly lack TFLs? He had 12, Hightower had 11. I’m failing to see why people keep knocking him.

    • sean s :

      I agree.notice he responded to every response but this one?kuechly somehow with all his “deficiencies “still is able to be one of college fbs most productive lbs ever.people before the combine said hes to slow stiff not athletic and he proved them wrong.so now its not enough tfl.but in the wide9philly runs lbs dont blitz anyway they hold the line not attack it.kuechly is a great lb and will continue proving people wrong his whole career.

      • Will L :

        I’ll respond now, I apparently missed this one. Production isn’t everything. Kuechly played at BC where he was constantly on the field and he preformed against weak opponents. Kuechly can’t successfully play in the middle of a 4-3 wide-9 defense. He doesn’t posses the skill set. Unless he has two dominant DTs in front of him that can occupy the 3 interior lineman he will get covered up by a blocker every time. Sure in space he can slip blocks, but in a phone booth he is a liability. Teams like the 49ers, Texans, Packers, Jets, Bucs, etc. would be able to pound it up the middle on them all day long because LK would look helpless against good/great interior OL.

        As a WLB however, he can trail the play and slip through holes in the backside of a play and can be productive. I don’t dislike LK, I think he is overhyped. He is an underrated athlete but he isn’t going to blow up blockers and be the interior presence that other MLBs in the league are. He is the best WLB this year, but if I needed 3 new LBs for a 4-3 team I would rather have Lavonte David or Dont’a Hightower.

  4. BubbaOne :

    If the Packers could get Cox and R. Lewis in the 1st two rounds I would immediately call the draft a success and light up a cigar. Even though they get Lewis in the 2nd if McClellin is available at 92 they would take him over Green.

    • Will :

      I agree the Packers had a great draft this time, McClellin is shooting up boards and I would have no problem with them taking back to back rush OLBs. Very good point.

  5. DaveWilk :

    Nice job on your mock. I dig it; that being said, don’t know why you wouldn’t expect the Texans to take Stephen Hill at #26. Hill is skill-set wise a carbon copy of Andre Johnson, and Kubiak requires his WRs to be good blockers (one of the reasons he loves Kevin Walter so much). Can’t see the Texans taking a player with a questionable work ethic, especially in first round. They’ve never targeted that type of player before. Just my two cents.

    • Will :

      Where have you heard that Stephen Hill has questionable work ethic? Not saying it isn’t true, I just hadn’t heard that before.

      • DaveWilk :

        I wasn’t saying that Stephen Hill has a questionable work ethic. As far as I know, Hill’s work ethic is great. I was saying that Alshon Jeffery’s work ethic is questionable, b/c you have the Texans taking Jeffery, and I just can’t see that.

    • Will :

      Sorry, I misunderstood your post. I like Stephen Hill but its hard to judge what kind of player he will be at the next level. Alshon Jeffry has a lot of good tape and I think the work ethic issues are blown way out of proportion. Jeffry can do all the things that Hill can, the only real difference is I have seen Jeffry make amazing catches in games and Hill is more of a question mark for me at the moment. I need to go back and look at some of Hill’s games before he can edge out Jeffry as my number 4 WR.

  6. Frank :

    Niners could go after Hill…he’s really peaked a lot of interest. Partially depends on if they sign a Garcon, Meachem or Manningham, they could go after Fleener, instead. Harbaugh keeps everything very close to the vest.

  7. Rob Henderson :

    The Steelers: I like Adams but find it hard that The Steelers would let Luke Kuechly slip past them. His Grade is better than Adams and both are needs.

    • Will :

      I agree both are needs and they are rated very closely. I am higher on Adams than most because his 2010 film is SO good against elite rushers and MLBs are historically harder to find than OTs. Plus there are rumors that, and I quote, Mike Adams was the “Apple of the Steelers’ Eye” at the Ohio State pro day.

  8. Matt :

    Worse mock ever, if you consider what has happen to two Lions players, there is no way the Fords would allow the front office to pick questionalbe character players, and now that we learned that Jenkins still did drugs after he left Florida, forget it. Do a little research. The Lions like to take CB in the later rounds, the only CB they will consider int he first round would be Gilmore and maybe Josh Robinson. Other then that it will be Adams, Martin, maybe Massie or Kontz. Kontz is my choice as it will be an immediate upgrade over Raiola and would save the Lions 4 to 5 million in cap space when they cut Raiola, also Railoa is in the last year of his contract. Its also the only player the Lions are not openly talking about which means that he is diffently on there radar. They could also trade back and pick up an additional 2nd round pick and take Kontz later int he first as well as long as it is before Baltimores pick.

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