Preseason Player Profile: Taylor Lewan

Taylor Lewan

Offensive Tackle

6’8” 302 lbs.



-If you missed the height and weight section of this preseason profile it does in fact, say that Lewan is six feet and eight inches tall. That is a massive frame for a prospect that plays at such a high level.

-Lewan plays with the remarkable ability the gain leverage on players that are smaller than him (sometimes by a half-foot or more) and to drive them back with ease. He needs to be careful with his hand placement though, too often you see him grab a handful of facemask. Not only will that be called more often at the next level, better pass rushers will stay low and dip under his hands.

-In one of the biggest rivalry games in all of sports, Michigan vs Ohio State, Lewan excelled against talented competition. John Simon and John Hankins had no answer for Lewan and he completely owned the left side of his line.

-He isn’t overly quick to the second level, which allows him to clear out his gap before moving to the second level. Once he gets to the linebackers however, he usually does a great job taking them out of the play.

-While they don’t feature it in his offense, as a pulling tackle he shows great speed, recognition, and patience, which allow him to make very good creases for the running back.

-When he down-blocks on 3-techniques, you can almost feel the hit he lays on them. They have no chance of standing their ground.

-Last but certainly not least, I have watched him play against about a dozen defensive linemen and whether it is 2011 first round pick Whitney Mercilus, or projected top fifty picks John Simon, John Hankins, and Kawann Short if you stop your feet against Lewan you are done. His grip strength is too strong, he is too aggressive, he plays from whistle-to-whistle, and he prides himself on being meaner and stronger than his opponents.

-Before I had seen Taylor Lewan in action I thought Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel would be the premier offensive tackle of this class. After this I think it is a two-horse race, and at the end of the day it may come down to personal preference. While Lewan is a better run-blocker, Joeckel shines in pass protection. At the end of the day, Taylor Lewan will have to stand out to take over the number one ranking, since a tie would have to go to the SEC player due to the talent at defensive end in that conference.

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