Preseason Player Profile: Luke Joeckel

Luke Joeckel

Offensive Tackle

6’6” 310 lbs.

Texas A&M


-If I had to draw up a prototypical offensive tackle right now he would come out looking exactly like Luke Joeckel from Texas A&M

-Joeckel not only has the height and weight of an NFL offensive tackle, but he also carries that weight well.  That allows him to be more nimble in the passing game, while retaining power in the running game.

-Speaking of the running game, Joeckel is one of the best offensive linemen I have seen in that category. He not only walls off defenders when he is a blocker on the backside, but he is a mauler in man-to-man situations.

-As a pass blocker, I have watched 4 games on him and have only seen him given up one pressure. That was early in a 2010 game against Nebraska as a true freshman.

-You can tell he is a smart player because even as a freshman you can see him identifying whom he needs to pick up. Not only that, but he did it against complicated defenses like Nebraska, Texas, and LSU.

-He can take his kick-step (the linemen version of a backpedal) with the best speed rushers despite his size.

-Even when Joeckel doesn’t get his perfect position against speed rushers he has the strength to knock them down with one arm.

-I don’t say this lightly, but if Luke Joeckel comes out this year I would rank him ahead of Wisconsin’s Ricky Wagner and either of the Alabama offensive line prospects. Joeckel and his counter-part, right tackle Jake Mathews, are the best offensive line tandem I have seen this year. Their dominance reminds me of Kevin Zeitler and Peter Konz, but obviously on the outside. I wouldn’t hesitate to make him a top ten pick, and I could see him being drafted earlier that Matt Kalil was in 2012.

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