Preseason Player Profile: Logan Thomas

Logan Thomas


6’6” 254 lbs.

Virginia Tech.

-Billed as the “dark horse” candidate for the number one overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, Logan Thomas has a lot of hype for the first time in his career. The 2012 season will be an interesting year to see whether he flourishes or fades under the big lights.

-In his performance against Miami he takes some unnecessary risks. At one point he throws across the field while rolling out which is a big no-no. After that, he flips a poorly snapped ball to the running back while falling down, which could have easily been intercepted if the defensive lineman had seen the ball.

-Magnificent arm strength when he chooses to fire passes deep. He makes 30+ yard passes look so easy. Unfortunately he doesn’t get to show off his long ball skills very often due to the VT offensive scheme that is primarily QB read/screen pass driven.

-When defenses rush five or more he will often lose control of his throws. Whether he zips them in too hard, or if he sails them too high he just doesn’t hold up under pressure as well as you would expect from a player of his stature.

-I was skeptical of the Cam Newton comparisons Thomas has been getting, but after watching him play extensively I have to partially agree. Of course he isn’t as polished as Cam and he isn’t playing Alabama, Florida, and LSU, but by the end of 2012 I think you could see a very similar player.

-Thomas can clearly run whether his offense makes a hole for him or not. He isn’t afraid to lower his shoulder on a defender, and he can easily outrun most lineman/linebackers. I do worry about how he holds the ball so far away from his body. That will likely lead to more fumbles in the NFL.

-Such a hard guy to bring down. Whether he is breaking tackles on a scramble, or if he is shrugging guys off in the pocket it will almost always take more than one man to bring him down.

-I still give the slight edge in the QB competition to Matt Barkley, but Thomas is the player I can see growing the most in 2012. It wouldn’t take much for that to change, but as of July 2, 2012 Barkley’s deep-ball accuracy is slightly more appealing than the big play running ability of Thomas. If what we saw in 2011 can be polished up just a little I do think Logan Thomas could look an awful lot like a blend of RG3 and Cam Newton.

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