Preseason Player Profile: Justin Hunter

Justin Hunter

Wide Receiver

6’4” 200 lbs.



-Off the cuff, Justin Hunter is a huge target that knows how to long stride his way down the field. Not only that, but he plays in an offense with a potent quarterback and a very good number two receiver named Da’rick Rogers.  If he plays the whole season, Hunter could easily top 1,200 yards in my opinion, which would open a lot of eyes.

-Hunter has very soft hands that can either pluck the ball out of the air or cradle the deep ball.

-Solid route-runner, but he does a very good job finding the seam in zone coverage.

-He isn’t soft despite his lanky appearance. He can box out defenders, and he can hang onto the ball when he takes a big hit.

-One thing that I really like, is his body control. Not only can he catch balls thrown behind him, but he also does so without ever breaking stride. This not only lets him crucial catches when a quarterback is scrambling, but since he doesn’t have to slow down when he catches the ball he can create space between him and trailing defenders.

-Right before he tore up his knee, you could see defenses giving him extra attention even though Da’rick Rogers (who would end up with over 1000 yards and 9 touchdowns) was wreaking havoc on the other side.

-Now the bad news. Hunter has tremendous potential, but since he tore his knee up last year that’s all it is, potential. Some things you can see from his limited tape, but until he plays a full season healthy no team will touch him in the first rounds.

-I know this is a big if, but IF Justin Hunter can stay healthy for an entire season he could change the entire draft. He could cement himself as the number two receiver, and he could upgrade Tyler Bray from fringe first round to a full-blown top 10 pick.


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