Preseason Player Profile: David Amerson

David Amerson


6’3” 185 lbs.

NC State

-With 13 interceptions and 5 pass deflections in 2011 alone, David Amerson’s stat sheet looks like something out of defensive coordinator’s dream.  While I could only find full game tape on him versus North Carolina and Louisville, I couldn’t wait any longer to talk about this guy.

-Though he has slow feet and his backpedaling needs some work, he does a good job staying in the path of the ball which allows him to disrupt passes and keep quarterbacks away from his receivers.

-Seems to love helping in run support on the outside. You can see him charging at ball carriers when a run cuts back or if a quarterback decides to take a gamble and run it.

-He plays with a huge cushion between himself and receivers. I would like to see him play more man in 2012, but he has the closing burst to limit yards on the WR screen or quick throws.

-Not overly physical when trying to get off blocks downfield, but he does try to get in front of the ball carrier to force cutbacks.

-He hasn’t faced any truly elite receivers but that will change week 1 of the CFB season. He has to face Tennessee’s Justin Hunter and Da’rick Rodgers.

-I think he has the football I.Q. and physical tools to play any defensive back position except slot corner. He just hasn’t shown me the quicks for that yet. However I think he could be very good at safety or corner, and he has the frame and instincts to play against the “Joker” tight ends.

-I can’t wait to see what Amerson does in 2012. Will he be the player that had 13 interceptions in 2011 or was he just a one-year wonder? With games against Tennessee and Clemson, Amerson will have two serious chances to prove that he is an elite corner. If he can step up and play well in those games I have no doubt that he could be the first defensive back taken and that a team in the top 5-10 could fall in love with him.  While I do love what he was last year and what he could be, I think he still has a lot to prove and he has to prove it against the right people.

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