Preaseason Player Profile: Barrett Jones

Barrett Jones


6’5” 311 lbs.



-From his 2011 film I don’t think that Barrett Jones projects very well as an NFL left tackle despite his college success there.

-Once he gets his hands on a defender they really struggle get off if he stay on his feet.

-Very smooth puller from the guard spot (also very good when they have a blocking tight end beside him). Looks very natural and he gets to the second level.

-Jones allows defenders to drive him back too much. That makes me think, that instead of taking his drop steps and extending his arms, he is allowing them to hit him head on and he depends on his size/lower body strength to stop their momentum.

-Really soft punch for an interior guy, which bugs me because his frame would indicate that he has long enough arms and the power to have a real nasty punch.

-He lunges way too much for me. It almost seems like one he gets locked on to his assignment he would rather lunge at them than try to sustain his block.

-He either has poor core strength or he gets flustered too easily because he struggles to square his shoulders on drop steps. Better defensive linemen will exploit this and blow by him with a counter move.

-On paper you couldn’t ask for a better offensive lineman that Barrett Jones. The 6’5” 311 lb. Memphis, TN native has played left tackle, guard, and will play center in the 2012 season. Not only has he played each position, but he also won the Outland trophy (the award for the best offensive lineman) in 2011 during the Tide’s championship run. Unfortunately, I just don’t agree with that decision. I can see his versatility, accolades, frame, and most importantly his upside, earning him a late first round grade, but he will need to improve in some key areas if he plans on playing offensive tackle in the NFL.

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