Justin Blackmon NFL Draft | WR Oklahoma St.

Justin Blackmon
#1 WR
6-1 207 lbs.
Oklahoma State

-The two time Biletnikoff Award winner doesn’t have an elite frame or elite speed. What he does do very well is get off press coverage. He keeps hands off of him and runs through initial contract.

-Wasn’t asked to block very often and when he does block he is just going through the motions.

-Not a speed demon and probably won’t create elite separation with his speed in the NFL.

-Powerful runner after the catch, fights for YAC and runs through smaller tacklers.

-Oklahoma State really likes to try to get him on an island and just lob the ball to him. Not a bad strategy because he finds a way to get it most of the time, but it inflates his numbers.

-Great hands. He plucks the ball out of the air and does a good job protecting it.

-Uses his body to his advantage and boxes out DBs to get the ball. Very good goal line target.

-While Blackmon is the top outside receiver in this years class, he doesn’t stack up to the Greens and Johnsons of the past few years. His talent merits a top 16 pick but with the NFL being the pass happy league it is I wouldn’t be shocked to see him taken around pick number four. Possible destinations: St. Louis, Cleveland, Carolina, Washington, Jacksonville.

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