Joe Adams NFL Draft | WR, Arkansas

Joe Adams
Slot WR
5-10 180 lbs.

-Doesn’t show tenacity when blocking downfield, but he does seal off DBs giving a lane to the RB. Mainly uses his upper body so he could be run over if he is matched against a stronger guy.

-Does a good job beating zone coverages, he either sits down in the hole, splits the seam, or gets behind the linebackers. Probable 3rd down target.

-Held his own against a bigger, stronger DB in Morris Claiborne in running and passing plays. Competitor.

-Does a good job coming back to the ball when a defender sets up behind him. Doesn’t wait for the ball to get to him because he knows he will get jarred.

-Very elusive once the ball gets to him. Always stays moving, wiggles around, he runs through arm tackles, Defenders struggle to mirror him when they meet head to head. Not sharp cuts like a Rueben Randle, but his ability to accelerate after the cuts make him hard to bring down.

-Definitely has versatility. He can play the slot and special teams very well, think Percy Harvin but a quarter-step slower.

-Doesn’t run as many routes as you would want, but he won’t often be asked to run too many routes for his position so teams may overlook this.

-Adams is a very good slot guy and can be big in a system with a deep threat that can stretch the zones out for him. His value is limited because of position and height but there is not reason why a WR needy team should pass on him after pick 60. Possible destinations: New York Giants, New England, New Orleans, San Francisco, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Washington, Miami.

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