Jeff Allen NFL Draft | Guard, Illinois

Jeff Allen | Guard
6-4 315 lbs.

-I believe Allen can be a very solid guard, here is my break down of the 9 times Allen faced probable 1st round pick in DT Devon Still:
1. Still is hooked and driven back (Q1 11:25)
2. Great down block by Allen (1st Q :50 sec left)
3. hooked again (2nd 6:22)
4. washed down when he didn’t read his blocks (2nd 1:27)
5. quick pass, not enough time to judge but Still looked lethargic (Q3 5:28)
6. hooked driven back 3-4 yards (Q3 1:50)
7. Still beats down block bad offensive play call (Q4 13:47)
8. Hooked AGAIN (Q4  13:06)
9. Still hooked for a fifth and final time (Q4 6:20)

-For those who don’t know, for a OT to hook-block a DT, it takes a lot of agility and quickness. After you get in front of the DT, you then have to have a very strong base and good hand placement to open up a hole for the RB. It is a tough block and to get hooked 5 times in one game and not have an answer for it either means the DT is weak (which is not true based on previous film of Still) or the offensive lineman is very skilled.

-Enough of the long points, bullet point time. Very solid in anchoring pass rushers at OT.

-Does a good job driving through defensive lineman on down blocks.

-Good finisher, always trying to put his man in the ground

-Shows a good quickness out of his stance and will be a good matchup against quicker DTs.

-Has a good frame and carries his weight well. Could probably get to 325 and still be one of the quicker OGs in the league.

-Overall I really like Allen in the 3rd -4th round range. Most scouts have him lower, but I can see him starting on a OG needy team next year while also being available as a back-up OT. Possible destinations: Tennessee, Dallas, Chicago, Kansas City, Cincinnati, San Diego, Pittsburgh.

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