Jared Crick NFL Draft | DE Nebraska

Jared Crick
3-4 DE/4-3 DT
6-4 285 lbs.

-Crick was slated as a top 10 pick this year until he sustained a pec injury early this year. He is famous for playing next to Suh in his dominant senior campaign, but he has stood out without Suh as well.

-He played in 36 games so I don’t see injury issues in his future

-He has great production over his career, 20 sacks, 25+ QB pressures 30+ TFLs. He has been very steady with key defensive loses every year.

-Does a great job extending and keeping blockers off of him.

-Relentless effort and motor. If he misses or takes a bad angle in the backfield he doesn’t stop his feet, he turns and tries again.

-Very active around the line, if he gets double teamed (which he often does in their 4-3 scheme) he will weave in and out to try to separate the double team or find a hole in the protection. Does a great job confusing offensive lineman.

-Very good closer once he gets in the backfield. Hits his top gear quick.

-After watching his film, Crick is quickly becoming one of my favorite DL this year. In a year where the DT class isn’t very top heavy, he has become somewhat of a sleeper and will need good interviews, weigh-ins, etc. to remind everyone that he is a top 15 talent. Mid 1st-early 2nd pick. Possible destinations: Carolina, Denver, Green Bay, Indianapolis, New Orleans.

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