Jake Bequette NFL Draft | DE, Arkansas

Jake Bequette
4-3 DE, 3-4 DE
6-4 265 lbs.

-Needs to work on his disengaging. He keeps blockers at bay with his arms, but he doesn’t use his hands after that. He will try to shuck and lunge if the RB is making a cut off of the blocker on him.

-Seems like he may be better suited for a 3-4 DE role but he is too skinny for that. Needs to go to a team where they can bulk him up for a permanent starter role but a team that is looking for a guy that can pin his ears back and rush the edge.

-Like I said earlier he does a good job rushing the edge without any real strong moves. When he is given the freedom to just attack the OT’s outside shoulder he shows exceptional quickness and good balance rounding the corner. Stays low and presents a small target for blockers to get their hands on.

-Seems too stiff and slow when they stand him up. He isn’t very flexible either which lets blockers get position on him, which he can’t get off of.

-I hate that the Razorbacks don’t use Bequette on every defensive snap. After the first couple of drives they use him as a pass rush specialist and rotator. To me that points to a lack of confidence or injury concerns. Possibly both.

-While he won’t overwhelm blockers with his strength, he does seem to have a knack for anchoring his position. Another sign that makes me like him as a possible 5 tech.

-Accelerates into contact with QBs and looks to knock out the ball without sacrificing technique. Exactly how you coach it up.

-Bequette’s sack numbers make you think you are going to be watching a high quality defensive end but I just don’t see the talent to match his production. He has a high motor when they let him pin his ears back and that may be his best attribute. A team looking to him to be a full time starter his rookie year will be disappointed unless the use a wide-nine system or if they think they can bulk him up to be a 5 tech. Late 3rd-Mid 4th round talent. Possible destinations: New England, Tennessee, Cleveland, Carolina, Buffalo, New Orleans.

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