Dre Kirkpatrick NFL Draft | CB, Alabama

Dre Kirkpatrick
6-3 192 lbs.

-Excels when he gives WRs a five yard cushion. He does a good job closing that gap on slant routes, and stays tight with the WR on all other routes.

-He is active and physical down the field, which gets him in trouble sometimes.

-Often covers man to man with little to no safety help.

-Teams will need to see him press in private workouts because in big games Alabama preferred to keep him in off coverage.

-Aggressive in the run game but struggles to get off blocks.

-Obviously he was in a Nick Saban defense which does a very good job coaching up defensive backs so I think it is fair to say that Kirkpatrick’s football I.Q. is above average and it shows in his play. He often communicates with other DBs to make sure everyone is adjusted and in the right coverage.

-So good in man coverage that it lets the safeties behind him have the freedom to jump routes.

-Kirkpatrick would be the premier corner in this draft if not for Claiborne. Comparing the two I think Claiborne has more fluid hips and is a better press coverage guy, but other than that there isn’t a huge difference. Top 16 talent. Possible destinations: Redskins, Dallas, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, New England.

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