Brandon Thompson NFL Draft | DT, Clemson

Brandon Thompson
4-3 DT | 6-2 311 lbs. | Clemson

-Nice quickness for his size but definitely a 3 step burst guy. You can see him run out of energy and pull up.

-Has a great swim move, but he is also partial to the bulrush.

-Hits and drives through blockers. When he sees a misdirection play he holds up his block well then shucks it. Good recognition.

-Will make his money between the hashes, he is not someone who has the ability to chase down a ball carrier once they clear those marks. More of a disrupter than anything, there is nothing wrong with being a disrupter by the way, just a term.

-Stands up too often but makes up for this with strength and great hands. Very good anchor.

-Does a good job working down the line without giving cut back lanes on stretch plays.

-He has the versatility to move from nose to either 4-3 defensive tackle if a DC is sees an offensive lineman he wants to pick on.

-Thompson is fun to watch. He doesn’t posses the athleticism or frame to be a top 10 defensive tackle, but he still could get a look in the late first. Early second round talent. Possible destinations: Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Carolina

About Will Lomas

Grew up in a town in Tennessee named Dyersburg, and played ball there. When I realized I was too small to play college ball, I found my passion in breaking down game film, analyzing athletes, and finding the little things that decides whether a player is good, bad, or great.


  1. VJ :

    Great job breaking it down on these players. I like Thompson as a 3-4 DE for the Packers. He possesses the same size as the departed Cullen Jenkins and has the disruptive abilities I like (pushing the pocket). Plus he’s a good anchor and the Packers like that trait in their D Linemen.

  2. Will :

    Thanks for reading. I could see him doing something like that and thriving. the only question is will he be there on day two for then to grab him or will they push the need for an additional pass rusher to the second round for him