Lomas | Round 4

Updated April 23rd, 2012

98. St. Louis (2-14) – Leonard Johnson CB Iowa State
99. Indianapolis (2-14)- Devon Wylie WR Fresno State
100. Minnesota (3-13) –Dwight Bently CB Louisiana Lafayette
101. Houston – from Philadelphia via Tampa Bay (4-12)- Matt McCants OT UAB
102. Cleveland (4-12)- Brandon Weeden QB OKST
103. Jacksonville (5-11) – Cam Johnson DE Virginia
104. Washington (5-11)- Brandon Taylor S LSU
105. Miami (6-10)- Malik Jackson DE Tennessee
106. Carolina (6-10)- Russell Wilson QB Wisconsin
107. Buffalo (6-10) – Kirk Cousins QB Michigan State
108. Seattle (7-9) – Brock Osweiler QB Arizona State
109. Kansas City (7-9)- James-Michael Johnson LB Nevada
110. Denver – from New York Jets (8-8)- Dwight Jones WR UNC
111. Washington – from Oakland (8-8) – Asa Jackson DB Cal Poly
112. San Diego (8-8) – Ronnell Lewis DE/OLB Oklahoma
113. Chicago (8-8)- Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati
114. Arizona (8-8)- Jonathan Massaquoi DE/OLB Troy
115. Dallas (8-8)- James Brown OG/OT Troy
116. Philadelphia (8-8) Tony Bergstrom OG Utah
117. Tennessee (9-7)- Ryan Davis DE Bethune-Cookman
118. Cincinnati* (9-7)- Tyronne Crawford DE Penn State
119. Detroit* (10-6) – Audie Cole OLB NC Stat
120. Cleveland – from Atlanta* (10-6)- Kennan Robinson OLB Texas
121. Pittsburgh* (12-4)- Ladarius Green TE Louisiana-Lafayette
122. Denver* (8-8)- Robert Turbin RB Utah State
123. Houston* (10-6) A.J. Jenkins WR Illinois
124. New Orleans* (13-3)- Ryan Steed CB Furman
125. Green Bay* (15-1)- Aaron Henry FS Wisconsin
126. Buffalo – from Baltimore* (12-4)- Demario Davis OLB Arkansas State
127. San Francisco* (13-3) – Derek Wolfe DL Cincinnati
128. New England* (13-3)- Lucas Nix OG Colorado
129. New York Giants* (9-7)- Bernard Pierce RB Temple
130. Minnesota (compensatory)- DaJohn Harris DT USC
131. Oakland (compensatory) – DeQuan Menzie CB Alabama
132. Baltimore (compensatory) – T.Y. Hilton WR/KR FIU
133. New York Giants (compensatory)- Nate Potter OT Boise State
134. Green Bay (compensatory) – Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma
135. Green Bay (compensatory) – Christian Thompson S South Carolina State
136. Minnesota (compensatory)- Tommy Streeter WR Miami (FL)
137. Dallas (compensatory)- Shaun Prater CB Iowa


  1. joeisme :

    Your Packer draft is insane!! A center in the first round is idiotic. They can get a good C in rounds 4 or 5. A head case OLB that doesn’t rush the passer and would be a cancer in the locker room in the 2nd round??? A 6th TE in the 3rd???? Do you even watch football? The Packers had the league’s worst defense in history because they couldn’t generate any kind of pass rush. Your draft has them completely ignoring that fact. The Packers’ GM Thompson did that last year and look what it got him! He won’t make the same mistake this year. Pass rushers in rounds 1 & 2 and a CB in round 3.

    • Will :

      First off, no they can’t. Konz is the only guaranteed starting center in this draft. Your locker room is strong enough to handle a knucklehead, especially a talented one. The Patriots didn’t shut down when they picked up Ochocinco or Haynesworth. The Packers defense was not the worst in the league, they allowed the most yards. They tied for a league best 38 turnovers which shows that they are designed to play for the big play. Plus it helps that the Packers are always ahead and forcing teams to throw every play to try to catch up. Look what it got him a 15-1 season, what a loser. The Packers take advantage of value that is why they have A-Rod. The TE pick will change, but only because they signed Finely to a 2 year deal.

  2. Brett :

    As a fellow Packer fan I think you guys both have some points. Honestly I’d be fairly surprised if the Packers didn’t go defense with both of their first two picks, as we should be looking at multiple comp picks in the 3rd and 4th rounds where we can fill some holes on offense. Will, you make a good point with Konz being the only guarantee, but ‘Joeisme’ brought up the point that our defense was terrible in terms of rushing the passer. Although I think Konz will be a great player and could fit very well, I would be shocked if the Packers added to the offense at all before the end of the third round.

    And just for reference, even if Finley was a free agent the Packers wouldn’t draft a TE… we’re like 6 deep at the position

    • Will :

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading. I’ll watch some of there games from last year again and see what I think needs to be addressed. Its tough to find too many glaring holes with a 15-1 team

  3. joeisme :

    Love the McClellin pick in the third. No way TT takes Lewis 2nd, but McClellin is a diamond in the rough.

  4. chris :

    I don’t see Coby Fleener making it this far in the draft and if he was to make it to the 49ers draft pick in the second he would be grabbed by Harbaugh immediately.

    • Will :

      That’s what everyone said about USC players when Pete Carroll went to the Seahawks, but that didn’t happen either. TE is a position of strength for the 49ers and they have needs they need to address before a luxury pick like Fleener

      • chris :

        Yes it is true the 49ers don’t completely need a TE and I like Walker’s athletic ability a the TE he would still be an improved 2nd TE under Davis. Also your reply still does not account for him going earlier in fact many people think he might even go late in the first. He just will not last to the third.

  5. chris :

    Also now we have resigned rogers we don’t need to draft a CB in the 2nd round also we signed Perish Cox to 2 years. So with Rogers, Brown, Culliver, and now cox we already have four CB making a CB less of a need. As for a right guard we just Leonard Davis a big guard he might be pretty well for us. Also we are looking to get another WR possibly Lloyd if we get that less of a need for WR in the next season. It sure looks like the $(ers are getting rid of those needs possibly to draft Fleener. If i missed one of our main needs please tell me.

  6. Steve :

    Really like the picks for the Browns except in round 2 we need a RT. Everyone seems to think we have to get Tann ehill but at this point I would rather take my chances with McCoy and see what he can do with a running game and a #1 WR. We don’t have anyone to play RT. If we lose most of our games again this season they can go all in on a QB next year and that QB will at least start out with some weapons. Just say no to a QB in the first four rounds unless one falls into the 4rth.

  7. Will :

    QB is just so important in the NFL and honestly the OT class isn’t very deep this year, there are 4-5 guys that have the tape to convince a GM that they can be a good fit as a starting OT and then there are some small school prospects with some talent but all in all I think that the Browns first and foremost need to get playmakers. If they do get Tannehill then expect a lot of PA rollouts to the left to take advantage of Joe Thomas, the threat that is Trent Richardson, Floyd, and Tannehill’s athleticism. That isn’t a plan that will win a super bowl, but it will make them stronger this year

  8. Steve :

    I think the Browns will take Tannehill if he falls to the third round just like they did with McCoy. I do think he’ll fall that far too as he is a high potential Developmental QB. On the other hand, Oniel Cousins would be the starter at ROT if we don’t get someone in the draft that can start right away. It’s a huge priority and can’t wait until next year. That’s why they let Pashos go. Trust me they are drafting a new tackle this year.

  9. Steve :

    Now that’s what I’m talking about. I would love to see these picks for the Browns. Perfect!

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