Preseason Player Profiles: Alex Okafor

Alex Okafor

Defensive End

6’4” 260 lbs


-Alex Okafor and Jackson Jeffcoat should have a very impressive 2012 season, and I don’t think either plan to return for their senior year. Okafor isn’t the better sack artist, but he may be the better all-around defensive end for most teams.

-Alex Okafor’s go to move is a pure inside bull rush that allows him to get into the backfield quickly to disrupt anything going on.

-He shows good intelligence by chipping the RB/TE when he gets a naked bootleg to his side. Usually a defender will get so caught up in trying to make the sack he allows an easy completion over his head; that is not the case with Okafor.

-Does an excellent job holding his edge. He stays on the outside shoulder of his blocker and at the last second slips the block to make the tackle.

-He shows flashes of an excellent outside-rush move, where he slaps the offensive tackle’s hands away and then he bursts through that vacated space towards the quarterback. He beats Texas A&M’s projected first rounder Jake Mathews with it three plays in a row.

-His best attribute is his motor. Often tackles think that they have blocked Okafor out of a play, but he never stops trying to get the ball carrier. This makes him very dangerous after the first three seconds of any play.

-Did an outstanding job in the Kansas State game in terms of reading blocks and seeing through all the play actions and QB keeps. This attribute would make him a perfect fit against the new generation of mobile QBs in the NFL (RG3, Ryan Tannehill, Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Andrew Luck, etc.)

-I love Alex Okafor, and at times he seems impossible to block on the outside. He has ideal length and he will most likely add the 15 lbs. it would take to get him to my ideal size for a 4-3 defensive end. Not that I am pigeonholing him, I could see him excelling as a 5, 7, or 9 technique, which basically means the edge spot in any system. He has a ton of upside, and I wouldn’t be shocked to hear his name called in the top 10 picks next year.

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Grew up in a town in Tennessee named Dyersburg, and played ball there. When I realized I was too small to play college ball, I found my passion in breaking down game film, analyzing athletes, and finding the little things that decides whether a player is good, bad, or great.

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